Dear reader, 

Let me make one thing clear…The secret you’re about to discover does NOT involve sweating till you’re soaked. And there’s no wallet-zapping memberships or new age body-twisting yoga either.

In fact, with this secret you can pump your muscles and feel surging energy and strength. Imagine maintaining your muscles without ever leaving your La-Z-Boy. That’s the power behind this little secret…

It’s high time to leave those torturous treadmills to the fitness freaks and hamsters. You’re smarter than that and with this one superhero nutrient you’ll be stronger, too.  

Take the "work" out of your work-out...
Keeping strong, lean, tight muscles is so easy! 


What you’re about to discover can be your little secret. You see, your friends and family will want to know how you’re maintaining strong, fit muscles - all without a single trip to the gym. 

And when those joggers, weight lifters and personal trainers notice your tight arms, legs and abs - they might get downright mad at you.

But they’re thinking about muscle maintenance the wrong way! Soaking yourself in sweat is not the answer.

In fact…


“I decided to try Ultimate Muscle Support because I don’t like strenuous exercise. I want to build strong muscles with minimal trips to the gym. I noticed results in one month!

- Paul B. 

The latest research reveals the ALL-NEW secret
behind saving muscle strength!

If your muscles are weakening it's not necessarily because you need more exercise! The latest research shows muscle loss is also biological.

Muscle loss happens regardless of your fitness level, even in master athletes like professional rugby players! Research by Dr Irwin Rosenberg, at the legendary Tufts University in Boston, found everyone from athletes to couch potatoes loses muscle at the exact same rate. About 1% a year starting at 45!

So you can pound the pavement, row like a water-bug, or pump iron like the ex Governor of California if you want. But protecting your ability to golf, fish, even carry the groceries, begins not just with exercise, but with maintaining the muscles you've got by giving them the nutrients they need.


  Yes! I want strong, lean, tight muscles...

The superhero nutrient that 
makes the difference between having abs or 'flabs'!

Your body makes the amino acid, creatine, out of protein. It's used to supply energy to your muscle tissues. And this vital energy fuels muscle repair in your biceps and abs, even the muscles of your heart, stomach and intestines!

Creatine may be your most important muscle-nourishing nutrient!

However, most men over 60 don't make enough creatine to maintain their muscle and strength, much less regain what time has stolen. But now, mounting evidence shows supplemental creatine does in fact build lean muscle and strength.

“Within two weeks I felt stronger and more energetic!”


Finally, complete muscle-building support all in one place!

Despite the research, the only creatine supplements you'll find are formulated for bodybuilder types. And very few "body preeners" do it right. Their creatine-only supplements push double, triple, even quadruple creatine doses to stimulate greater muscle mass. It's an exercise in sheer narcissism, not good health. That's why I want to tell you about Ultimate Muscle Support...

It's the first formula I've found that offers concentrated muscle strengthening nutrition in just the right amount. Each serving contains the clinically proven 2,000mg of creatine in a delicious drink, plus six more muscle invigorating nutrients.

You won't end up looking like an over-muscled iron-pumper, but don't be surprised if you're suddenly more fit and all you've done is play golf. And the next time you open a jar of pickles, there's no more struggling with the lid, it pops open on the spot. Even the groceries start feeling lighter.

But creatine is only the beginning..


“I noticed results in about a week. Someone asked me, ‘Do you work out?’ …and I started to laugh!”

- Martin  

Morning of fishing, an afternoon of  gardening and your muscles are still going strong! 

A second amino acid named taurine is also essential to maintaining vigorous muscle function.

Taurine helps send the signals from your brain to your muscles telling them to move. And this signaling isn't just to the muscles in your arms or legs. It's signaling ALL of your muscles from your biceps and quadriceps to the muscles in your stomach, intestines, bladder - even your heart!

During a test of muscle function, scientists found mice with higher taurine levels were physically superior. They showed that taurine was crucial for muscle function and total exercise capacity!

Of course, more studies will need to be done to prove exactly how taurine benefits muscle cells. But all of the current research is pointing to one simple fact: Increase your taurine levels and your muscles just work better. And who wouldn't want that?

Ultimate Muscle Support gives you the creatine and the taurine your muscles need!


“I am 66 years old and feel like I have more energy than people who are younger than me! I go dancing several times a week and stay out late…"

- Kate 

Put the brakes on 'shrinking' strength with this little-known muscle saver!

Betaine does so many good things for your body especially your muscles. For starters, it helps improve your energy level and mood. It even supports your heart health... But what it may be best at is stopping muscle shrinking in its tracks.

Scientists are finding betaine revitalises weakening muscle tissues! Recently, several studies were highlighted in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. They followed those suffering extreme muscle weakness. While researchers expected muscle shrinking and loss of strength to continue, those supplementing with the super nutrient, betaine, stopped it cold. In fact, even the weakest among them reported an increase in general muscle strength!

But despite all of this great news, most men aren't being told about betaine, much less how to supplement with it. Which is why I feel really good about giving you a full day's therapeutic dose of muscle-saving betaine in every serving of Ultimate Muscle Support.

Plus, my formula contains another muscle nutrient that ensures you will feel as good as you look!


“With my busy schedule I don’t have much time to work out, and I still get results with Ultimate Muscle Support! I’m 70 years old and am still working full time with no plans to retire any time soon!”

- John

Essential mineral support in the
right form to control muscle cramping!

Everyone gets leg cramps from time to time, and when a shooting leg cramp rouses you in the middle of the night, there's nothing to do but walk it out. The fitness freaks are quick to scold, "You need to stretch more!" or, "You're not drinking enough water!" But what your muscles are actually aching for is good old-fashioned minerals...

IT'S A FACT: Muscle cramps are simply a sign your muscles are overworked and in need of nutrients!

There are many supplements that claim to help leg cramps but I haven't found one with just the right dosage and form your muscles really need! Ultimate Muscle Support gives you the exact muscle-mending trio of minerals, starting with magnesium...

The magnesium supplements I've seen use the WRONG FORM. Research shows magnesium citrate is the one that makes all of the difference...

During a randomised, crossover placebo controlled trial, 46 patients supplemented with magnesium citrate. After 6 weeks, 67% told Keele University researchers their legs felt better overall!

You'll get magnesium citrate in every glass of Ultimate Muscle Support for feel-good muscles! And then there's potassium...

“In about a week I began to notice more energy, better muscle tone and fewer tendencies for sore muscles to cramp.”

 - George

Offers extra protection against muscle fatigue, too!

Everyone knows potassium is good for your muscles. Countless studies have linked too little potassium with muscle cramps, including one from the famed Linus Pauling Institute! The research suggests replenishing your levels can not only relieve and prevent muscle cramps, it even prevents muscle fatigue.

Yet most supplements give you piddly amounts, rarely over 90mg. Research suggests you need at least 5 TIMES THAT! That's why I made sure Ultimate Muscle Support gives you a decent therapeutic dose of 550mg of potassium! And finally, I included...

Calcium plus vitamin D to strengthen muscle fibres. While certain types of calcium are more easily absorbed by your bones, muscles need their own kind to prevent cramps. The one shown to work best is Calcium Lactate. And then there's beta-carotene which promotes muscle growth.

Here's a recap of the ingredients:


But it is not just the ingredients that make Ultimate Muscle Support different from any other product of its kind...

See how easy it can be to enjoy great-feeling, strong muscles! 

Ultimate Muscle Support is a delicious effervescent formula,  so easy to take. All eight muscle-building nutrients dissolve in a glass of water so you know they'll be absorbed into every muscle in your body! Unlike pills, there's no waiting and no waste!

And heck, it's a lot more convenient than working yourself up into a sweat. With Ultimate Muscle Support...


  Yes! I want strong, lean, tight muscles...

You don't need to live at the gym!

While I'm not recommending you lay on the couch all day and watch TV, you don't have to live at the gym either! With Ultimate Muscle Support, you'll have complete nutrition so your normal activities like walking around the block, a few holes of golf, even taking out the trash are serious muscle-saving, strength-building exercises. All the while you'll protect your new-found fitness against age-related loss:

You'll send a surge of fortifying nourishment to hungry muscles with every cool and delicious glass.

And you can do it all for LESS THAN HALF of what you'll pay for most gym memberships...


Hurry! You don't want to miss these exclusive savings!

You can get a muscle-pumping 60-day supply of Ultimate Muscle Support for what you'll normally pay for 30 days. That's just R6.76 per day - less than a cup of regular coffee! And don’t forget, when you try Ultimate Muscle Support, you're guaranteed to see results.

It's all part of my Ultimate 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. In case you don't already know, here's how it works:

Order any quantity. Yes, even 6 boxes, then try it for a full 60 days. If you're not completely satisfied right up to day 60 - if you don't see the results you want - simply return all the boxes (used and unused) and we'll give you your money back. No hassles...

That's my Ultimate Guarantee - so you really have nothing to lose. Try Ultimate Muscle Support and see for yourself how easily the right combination of muscle-building nutrition can keep you strong, toned and fit. Order your RISK-FREE supply here now...


  Yes! I want strong, lean, tight muscles...

Congratulations on your new found strength and vigour,

Annabel Koffman
FSP Nutritionals

P.S. In just minutes with one glass of Ultimate Muscle Support (paired with your active lifestyle) you'll get all the nutrients you need to maintain and promote strength in your arms, abs, legs, hands - your whole body! Remember, you risk nothing, and you can enjoy EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS - up to R1,200 today. So order now!

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